Date: 7th March 2016
XPE Foam
XPE/IXPE materials with good insulating properties, widely used in making air conditioning pipe insulation, air conditioning box insulation Board and packing. XPE/IXPE Foam common density & roll, sheet size chart. Product-density Max width Max thickness 28kg/m3 20000mm 10mm 35kg/m3 20000mm 10mm 40kg/m3 20000mm 10mm 50kg/m3 20000mm 10mm We can supply : XPE/IXPE foam+ embossed/laminated Density: 25~120kg/m3 Thickness: 0.3-10mm Width: 50~150cm or customized Main markets : At home and abroad : the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, Middle East and South - East Asian countries. XPE / IXPE features: (1) Thermal insulation, thermal insulation material is suitable for a wide range of refrigerators. Air conditioning and cold storage and other wet environments. (2) Buffer, used in precision instruments, semiconductors, electronic products packaging. (3) Sound absorption: suitable for a wide range of equipment and strong noise environment of automobile motors acoustic insulation materials. (4) Forming: the heat and strong scalability, density, can be used in automotive air conditioning evaporator hot ceiling cabinets and other interior automotive parts and aspects of the shoe material. (5) Non-toxic & tasteless. Environmentally friendly materials and has broad prospects for development. Our company specializes in the production of XPE/IXPE foam, foam rate from 3% to 35%, the layer thickness is 3-10mm, can be multi-layered composite, composite maximum thickness of 120mm, available in a variety of colors. Products are exported to the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries.