Date: 7th March 2016
PU Bath Pillow
PU pillow with different color:Green,red,blue orange, white, brown, grey, black) OEM business is available. PU self-skinning foam (Integral Skin Foam) - Usually it is used to prepare self-skinning seat, backrest, armrests, headrests, steering wheel and other softening within the functional parts and interior trim. Self-skinning foam products commonly used reaction injection molding (Reaction Injection Molding, referred RIM) process technology. Since its leather PU foam characteristics: 1 high impact resistance, wear resistance; 2 light weight, permanently elastic; 3. Hardness modulation with customer requirements; 4. Surface easy coloring, easy overall color; 5 can be made into any shape; Crust soft PU foam products application: 1, the automotive industry: Car steering wheel, armrest, motorcycle cushion, door handles, spoilers, bumpers, armrest pads, car head cushion, shift lever, fenders, overcast flow plate, instrument panel, air filter, Bicycle Seats, tractors, off-road vehicle cushion, reaction injection molding products, etc.; 2, sports equipment: Fitness equipment cushion, backrest, kneeling pads, grips, pedals, bicycle saddles, sports knee pads, etc.; 3, medical devices: One-piece dental chairs, surgical table tops edge, hanging racks, wheelchair armrest, etc.; 4, household items: Armrest pads, chair legs, decorative items; 5 Other uses: Toys, packaging, footwear industry to do all kinds of shoes, shoe covers, mine shoes, boots and so on. We are Manufacturer to provide PU roll, sheet foam and PU further processed products for many years. And our products are export to many other countries. We had designed and produced more than 400 kinds of PU series products for our sanitary clients so far. including bending pillow, bath pillow,PU self-skinning headrest, backrest, blank holder, armrest, self-skinning seat, filter cover, gear plate water, kick cushion, hand pad, back of a chair, etc.. our product has soft texture, beautiful colours, smooth surface, with high flexibility, high resilience, resistance to temperature and UV-resistant performance is good.