Date: 7th March 2016
PU Armrest
Materials: PU foam, PU armrest with different color:Green,red,blue orange,white,grey,black) PU self-skinning stands for self-skinning foam (Integral Skin Foam) - Usually it is used to prepare self-skinning seat, backrest, armrests, headrests steering wheel and other softening within the functional parts and interior trim. Self-skinning foam products commonly used reaction injection molding (Reaction Injection Moulding, referred RIM) process technology. Since its leather PU foam characteristics: 1.high impact resistance, wear resistance; 2.light weight, permanently elastic; 3.Hardness modulation with customer requirements; 4.Surface easy coloring, easy overall color; 5.can be made into any shape; Crust soft PU foam products application: 1.the automotive industry: Car steering wheel, armrest, motorcycle cushion, door handles, spoilers, bumpers, armrest pads, car head cushion, shift lever, fenders, overcast flow plate, instrument panel, air filter, Bicycle Seats, tractors, off-road vehicle cushion, reaction injection molding products, etc.; 2.sports equipment: Fitness equipment cushion, backrest, kneeling pads, grips, pedals, bicycle saddles, sports knee pads, etc.; 3.medical devices: One-piece dental chairs, surgical table tops edge, hanging racks, wheelchair armrest, etc.; 4.household items: Armrest pads, chair legs, decorative items; 5.Other uses: Toys, packaging, footwear industry to do all kinds of shoes, shoe covers, mine shoes, boots and so on.