About Us
We are Panhong Chemical Co.,Limited,who is a professional manufacturer of rubber & plastic products made from EVA, PE, PU,rubber, etc. they are widely used in boats, construction materials, electronics, household products, shoes materials, sports equipments, toys and vehicles, etc. Our products are available with good quality and reasonable prices
Products and services
Fitness Yoga accessories for Exercises: Yoga mat,TPE mat, EVA mat, NBR mat,Foam roller,natural rubber yoga mats,Foam blocks EVA foam products: EVA earphone glasses case,EVA foam ipad mini kid case,EVA educational toys,EVA handicraft products PU self-skinning foam: PU bath pillow,PU armrest,PU Backrest ,PU tire for stroller,PU Baby moving car seat cushion,PU seat pad,PU steering wheel Rubber foam,EPDM extruded Seal strip ,Silicone gasket,Silicone crafts,Rubber Tyre for childre?s bicycle, outsole,XPE shock Pad for artificial grass,EPE foam tube,Air Conditioning Insulation hose.